About Gabriel Rojas

My passion and love for photography first developed as a child. My late stepfather Robert Tripiciano was an accomplished fashion photographer working from the ‘70s through the mid-‘90s, and I was forever at his shoots, endlessly fascinated by what was happening. I met the models, wishing I could be one myself, and spent countless hours in his darkroom watching him work his magic. 

Around the age of eight, I received my first point-and-shoot camera. I can’t recall what brand it was, but I do remember it was a 110mm film camera in the form of a rectangular box, and you could insert a long flash bulb that lasted for about eight shots. I took that camera everywhere, on day trips with my parents and all around the lake I grew up on in Upstate New York. I still have the first roll of film I ever shot, mainly photographs of me, my folks and lots of architecture. I remember always being fascinated by the stately homes around the Finger Lakes, and today my love for architectural photography is still strong.

Later, as a 20-year-old fresh arrival to Manhattan, I would take my Minolta point-and-shoot camera around the city looking for interesting subjects; rain or shine, that camera was always with me, along with my ever-present leather messenger bag. Sometimes I’d shoot architecture around SoHo or Tribeca. On other days it might be shots of celebrities I’d see on the streets; one of my favorite celebrity photos is of Wayne Gretzky, a big personal hero. He and Mark Messier were shooting a commercial for the NY Rangers on Jersey Street in SoHo when a co-worker of mine came running into the office, saying “Gabe, your hero is downstairs! Grab your camera!” Well, you bet your ass I did. The two hockey legends were surrounded by professional photographers and cameramen, but I worked my way through the crowd, determined and holding my small, very unprofessional camera. Being the gentleman that he is, Gretzky deliberately stopped posing for the pros and looked right at me, giving me the chance to take some great shots of him that I still have today. We even talked for a few moments, and he gave me his autograph. It’s a memory I will never forget.

Shortly after moving to San Francisco in 2006, I purchased my first digital SLR, beginning the journey into the digital world. Over time I’ve come to enjoy and master that format, and I’ve had the good fortune to hold many fine arts exhibitions of my work. I’ve also done a great deal of commercial work for major marketing companies in charge of luxury building development, restaurants and bars around San Francisco. I’ve grown to love travel photography too. It brings together my love for architecture, portraits, landscape and nature.

While traveling to Cuba in October of 2015, I shot what I believe to be my finest work to date. I’m proud to be presenting this work at Doc’s Lab in North Beach, San Francisco on July 13th, 2016. My work will be on display at Doc’s Lab for three months, and I’m currently in discussion with other galleries about exhibitions for the remainder of the year.

Gabriel is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about his availability.